Life Charity Focus and Specsavers partnership

20/20: Specsavers dispensing director Claire Curtin and Optometrist Yvonne O'Sullivan with LCFU's Moses Goire. Photo: Contributed

20/20: Specsavers dispensing director Claire Curtin and Optometrist Yvonne O'Sullivan with LCFU's Moses Goire. Photo: Contributed

Just last month Uganda-born Moses Goire received his first ever eye examination at Specsavers Dubbo.  Growing up in Uganda, the 31-year-old simply never had the opportunity to have his eyes tested. It was a great experience for Moses, who is very passionate about health.

“About 90 per cent of the people in my hometown district in Uganda never have the opportunity to have an eye test,” Moses said at the time of his first eye examination.

At a recent check-up on Thursday, Moses collected his glasses and the Specsavers Dubbo team have been able to correct him back to 20/20 vision.

Moses is the founder of Life Charity Focus Uganda (LCFU), a non-profit organisation that operates in Nyngan and Moses’ home town of Budaka, Uganda.

Moses worked with his Australian sponsor family Dione and Jack Carter, of Nyngan, and the 3CN Church in Nyngan, to form LCFU. Specsavers Dubbo have been working with Moses for many months by collecting donated pairs of glasses that are then taken back to LCFU in Uganda.

Since Moses’ first optometrist trip in February over 400 pairs of glasses has been donated by members of the community.

Later in the year, Retail and Dispensing Director Claire Curtin and Optical Dispenser Lachlan Cusack intend on travelling to screen and help distribute much needed spectacles to villages in Uganda. Ms Curtin said it has been a highlight of her career and business ownership with Specsavers to get involved with LCFU.

“To see how generous the community has been has restored my faith in humanity.

“It's the little one-per-centers like donating a pair of glasses to Moses that seem to make the biggest differences in the world,” Ms Curtin said.

Optometrist director Yvonne O'Sullivan said it was such a pleasure to test Moses' eyes.

“In my role as an optometrist it is important to ensure that a high level of eye-care is available to all people,” Ms O’Sullivan said

“I was more than happy to get involved with LCFU,” she said.

"Moses is now back to seeing 20/20 and seemed over the moon to have his own tailormade pair of spectacles"

Mr Cusack said it has been an honour to be a part of such a beneficial programme.

“Claire and I intend to travel to Uganda in the near future to continue our work and keep raising the standard of eyecare in the Ugandan villages,” Mr Cusack said.

“Thank you to all of the Dubbo and surrounding communities who have donated their retired spectacles. The difference you are making is mountainous.”

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