Blood now taken locally

The Nyngan community can now receive public pathology collections at the Nyngan Health Service as a result of a new service provided by Pathology West - Dubbo.

Pathology collections are available by appointment only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Appointments can be made through the Nyngan Health Service by calling 6835 1700.

The Pathology West services are bulk billed for patients with a Medicare card and they accept any type of pathology request form from general practitioners and specialists.

Sally Hoey is one of the technical assistants who calls on the Nyngan Health Service to perform pathology.

“I love my job and getting to know the people,” Sally said.

“After a while you start to get regular patients and you start to learn about their life stories and health journey. I feel if you get to know the patient you can help make the experience of having their blood taken better.”

Sally said she also enjoyed the interaction with nurses and doctors.

“I like being part of the health system and playing my small part in bringing quality public health care to rural communities,” she said.

“We take the specimens we collect at Nyngan to our local laboratory in Dubbo for diagnostic testing. Dubbo is one of our largest laboratories in Pathology West so we can do all sorts of regular and specialised tests.

“As tests are diagnosed locally, people can get their test results faster than if we had to send specimens to the city to be tested.”

Pathology is the scientific study of disease, its causes and impacts on the human body. It’s at the core of modern medicine and plays a critical role in just about every aspect of health care today, from diagnostic testing to the management of chronic illness, public health disease outbreaks, blood transfusions, organ transplants, genetic research, critical care, cancer and much more.