Big changes for Bogan Waste Management

Big changes for Bogan Waste Management

Users of the Bogan Shire tip will soon be charged and the facility will be manned due to new rules the council has comply with.

Council resolved in May 2015 to comply with the requirements from the Environment Protection Licence and there would be limited access of 45 hours per week to the site.

In addition to this, at the February meeting, council heard that a senior council worker observe red the tip site over a weekend in January and noted people from other shires were using the free facility.

Mayor Ray Donald updated the senior citizens of the waste depot's progress at their morning tea on Thursday.

"There will be a new tip opening out there over the next 12 months, it won't be opened 24/7 and it will be manned," he said.

"If we didn't do this we would have lost our tip. We really want to bring the community together on this."

Acting Manager of Development and Environmental Services Ty Robson updated the council on the waste management progress in a recent council meeting.

He recommended distributing vouchers to ratepayers who are paying the $276 for the waste management charge.

Councillors Jim Hampstead and Kevin Ryan moved this resolution and it was passed by council.

Mr Robson said along with the issue of people outside the Shire using the facility was people not sorting their rubbish correctly.

"The issue of not sorting waste and opting to fill a recycling bin issued by council and place the waste straight into landfill is a concern," he reported to council.

If the tip is manned, waste sorting will become less of an issue and people outside of the Shire will be charged more to use the facility.

Regular rubbish is anywhere from $10 for a car full of rubbish to $55 for a truck full for a Bogan Shire resident where as a non-Bogan Shire resident would be charged from $20 to $75.

Mr Robson said the council will also be upgrading the facility.

"Construction works and new infrastructure is required to be completed, this includes new security fencing, new site office (with payment capabilities such as cash and EFTPOS), CCTV cameras and drop off bays for recycling," he said to council.

This construction was approved by council also.

The site is expected to be manned from as early as next month as council have set out to recruit a waste management depot attendent/s.