BOGAN RIVER: Soggy Shoreline

The Bogan River has grown up and out as last week’s downpour of rain starts to settle. 

The river has risen well onto the shore of Rotary Park and over the previously dry weir.

Rain from across the region has settled on the banks of the Bogan River making for a very wet start to June for local residents.

According to weatherzone, Nyngan has recorded 88mms of rain already, with almost 50mms falling on Sunday, June 5. 

Not looking at drying out any time soon, the weather website has predicted 15 to 30mms during the coming Saturday and Sunday. 

Residents should be able to get some washing on the line as a mostly sunny 18 degrees has been predicted for the next two days.

The Bogan Shire should be getting used to the chill of winter with the coldest night taking place last Monday, when the mercury reached just three degrees, two degrees lower than the June average.

The station at the Nyngan airport, has recorded 19.5 degrees being the highest temperature so far this month.

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photos: GRACE RYAN