Thank you to all for supporting Matthew

On September 1 of last year, Matthew became sick.

He was sent from Cobar down to Dubbo, then within 48 hours Matthew was sent to Sydney. 

Matthew was diagnosed with Burkett’s Lymphoma, an aggressive form of Lymphoma that affects the B-Lymphocytes.

This changed our lives forever.

For the next 17 weeks we called Westmead Hospital and Ronald McDonalds house our home, it was a roller coaster of a ride.

We were allowed to come home for Christmas.

Matthew is now at the stage where he is on 8 weeks checkups at Sydney for the next 12 months. Fingers crossed it stays good.

In this 17 weeks in Sydney the community of Nyngan rallied behind us, (thank you to Deb Tremain and Dione Bright who set this all up and got if off the ground).

A big thank you to Scott Meadows on his kind and generosity of the hunting back pack, Broadhead shirt and cap.

A big thank you must also go to Nymagee CWA, Nymagee Gymkhana, Nymagee Community, Nymagee Mines, Fergie Club of Cobar, Nyngan High School, his mates and the staff, and especially Miss Scott and teachers for all the fundraising they did and to keep communication open while Matt was in Sydney.   

Nyngan Boxing Club, Tottenham Preschool and Long Day Care Centre, Aussie 3D Targets, and people in general donated to Matthew’s fundraising account.

Another great thing was all the cards from well-wishers, and some of his mates even called in while in hospital. Sorry if we missed anyone but there’s so many people to thank.

We are just blown away by the support and generosity of people. 

Matthew has gone back to high school in Nyngan and has settled in well. We even got the OK from Sydney to play footy for Nyngan Tigers this year.

- Matthew’s family