Sweet treat for one of the library’s main book lovers

The library celebrated Library Lovers Day with a Hamper of Chocolates. 

Over the last week members who borrowed books and used the library facilities were eligible to place their name into the draw for the Hamper. 

The winner who was drawn at 4.30pm Thursday evening was Mrs Pauline Serdity, Nyngan Home Care Co-ordinator.


The Summer Reading Club Presentation was held last Thursday afternoon with most participants attending. 

Congratulations to all participating children, Jasmine and William Thornton, Gracie March, Rubie-Lee, Elizabeth and Mason Hicks, Grace and Gemma Boland, Chelsey and Bradley Fitzalan, Mitch Molina, Smokey Pekham, Jason Griffith, Jasmine and Shannon Bourke.

All children received certificates and book prizes for participating everyone then enjoyed a celebration party.


Don’t forget the library provides a Housebound service to deliver reading materials to your home if you are unable to get to the library when you are unwell or physically unable to visit the library.

Just give us a call 68359080.


Other services available at your library include, photocopying, scanning, laminating and free public computers  and WiFi.

The Library is comfortably cooled, with coffee and tea facilities and Disabled friendly Public Amenities for our clients convenience.

Mums and children are welcome to spend time at the Library with a baby change table available.

Bogan shire library:

73 Cobar St, 

Nyngan, NSW 2825

Phone: 6835 9080

Fax: 6832 2533

Email: nwrl.bsl@bigpond.com

Opening Hours:

Sunday Closed  

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Tuesday 10am to 5.30pm

Wednesday 10am to 5.30pm

Thursday 10am to 5.30pm

Friday 10am to 5.30pm

Saturday 10am to 1pm


Check out our Facebook Page and website, www.northwesternlibrary.com.au for Borrow Box: eaudio and ebooks and Zinio for eMagazines.

Members need to apply at the library for a PIN number to set these up.