Emergency levy

Rates to increase.
Rates to increase.

There’s going to be a new charge to your rates notice, and it’s not coming from the council.

Bogan Shire ratepayers are going to notice a new charge on their rates notice in July, an emergency services levy fee, coming from the NSW Government. 

Homeowners are expected to be hit with up to an extra $185 on their rates notice in July, following changes to the levy. 

This levy funds Fire and Rescue NSW, the Rural Fire Service and the State Emergency Services. 

Currently, three quarters of the $950 million it takes to run these services comes via a tax from insurance companies. The balance is funded by the state and a tax on councils.

The figure is calculated by charging a fixed amount of $100 plus an additional amount calculated on the unimproved land value determined by the NSW Valuer-General.

It is also estimated for farmers, industrial and commercial landholders the fixed charge will be $200 plus the additional amount.

Bogan Shire general manager Derek Francis said not a great deal is known about the levy yet.

“This is a state government levy, they have nominated the local councils to collect the levy from property owners on their behalf which we then pay over to the state government,” he told the Nyngan Observer.

“The charge will be going out with our rate notices in July and will be clearly identified. We are still awaiting further details from the state government.” 

CEO of the Insurance Council of Australia, Rob Whelan told Fairfax Media the changes to the levy would make insurance more affordable and should help reduce the incidence of non-insurance and under-insurance in the community. 

By spreading the charge throughout the community, Mr Whelan said most households would on average be $47 per year better off.