Employment best in New South Wales

NSW has recorded the lowest unemployment rate of all states for the 21st consecutive month, according to ABS data released last week.  Unemployment in NSW was at 5.2 per cent in February, a full percentage point below the rest of Australia at 6.2, and well below the other mainland states, with Queensland at 6.7 per cent, South Australia at 6.6 per cent, and Victoria at 6.1 per cent.  All the recent data shows NSW is a hive of productivity and that’s only possible because this Government has done the hard work to get the state’s finances in order and open our economy for business.  With our massive infrastructure program in full swing, record annual business investment, strong consumer spending, and unprecedented housing investment, there’s no doubt the sleeves are rolled up and we are all hard at work right across NSW.  Since the Liberal-National Government came to office in 2011, 300,300 jobs have been added in NSW, accounting for almost 37 per cent of new jobs across Australia in that time.  The ABS employment report follows data released earlier this week showing NSW consumers are the most optimistic in the nation, while business conditions in NSW are also the best in Australia


A reminder that those interested in voting in Local Land Services elections will need to enrol by 31 March.  The 2017 Local Land Services locally elected board member elections will be held at the end of May but ratepayers will need to enrol by 31 March to ensure they are sent ballot papers in time for voting.  This will be the second local board election, where local representatives are elected by ratepayers for each of the 11 local boards. 

Three of the seven local board members in 10 regions and four in the Western region are elected by Local Land Services ratepayers. The remaining three and the chair are Ministerially-appointed.