Showgirl announced in Nyngan | Photos

Nyngan’s 2017 Showgirl is Emily Pitt, customer service officer at Nyngan Ag ‘n' Vet Services. 

A Tasmanian native; Miss Pitt joined up to Showgirl having already developed a love for the region in her 12 months living her and thought it would be a good way to be involved in the community. 

“Being new to Nyngan I thought participating in Showgirl would be a good way to become involved in my new community and meet some new people,” she said.

“Many of my friends from uni have participated in their local Showgirl competition and have always said what a rewarding experience it was.” 

Miss Pitt is very excited about what being Nyngan Showgirl.

“I’m very aware of the honour and responsibility that comes with being Showgirl and I’m hoping I can do Nyngan proud throughout this year,” she said. 

Showgirl responsibilities are not the only part of the Show Miss Pitt is involved in. 

“My favourite thing about the Show is the horse events, especially seeing the local riders who are jus in it to have a bit of fun and support their local Show,” she said.

“I will hopefully be able to ride in a few events in the Show.”

Miss Pitt admitted you also may find her indulging in a bacon and egg roll or some cakes.