Changing of the guard at the golf club

A new committee for the Nyngan Golf Club was elected at the recent Annual General Meeting, seeing a significant changing of the guard. This new era is now led by some familiar faces from the Nyngan community who are ripping into building on previous successes.

President; Tony Beetson, Vice President; Brent Harris and Treasurer; Tara McDermott have taken up the lead of developing a new vision for the club and attracting new members. Supported by Secretary Michael Gibson and fellow board members Deb Matheson, Greg Matheson and Rex Vane, the committee are looking at ways to create a great family club with events which benefit the entire community.

During some tough times the club had been managed by the former committee Peter Murphy, Don Lister, Adrian Hawley, Pat Walsh, Deb Matheson and Greg Matheson. The club owes these members a huge debt of gratitude for not only keeping the doors open but progressively building a more functional and inviting club.

The new committee has commissioned a recent survey of members to evaluate golf course and clubhouse functionality, to identify and improve facilities for patrons and golfers alike. The playing members golf competitions continue as normal and the committee are looking to introduce a regular Sunday morning competition each week. 

This coming weekend on Saturday, June 24, Nyngan Golf Club is hosting a terrific evening for the whole community. The club will present ‘The Macquarie River Mud Flappers’ band and a spit-roast dinner on the night, from 6pm. This is the first of many coming family friendly events, with admission very affordable. Guests can join as members on the evening and parents can bring the kids into a welcoming and safe place.