Keith Cubby jailed

A man who was charged for multiple thefts around Nyngan has been jailed.

Keith Cubby plead guilty to a variety of offences at a hearing in Nyngan Local Court on July 31.

Cubby was already incarcerated on other theft related charges.

The Nyngan police charged Cubby with being in possession of stolen bicycle on February 25 this year.

He was charged with receiving stolen property of a serious nature to the value of less than $5000.

He was sentenced to six months imprisonment. 

Then Nyngan police charged Cubby for stealing a fundraising tin from Foodworks on March 10 this year. 

He was charged with larceny to the value of less than $2000. He first appeared on March 13 this year.

He was sentenced to five months imprisonment.

Police then charged Cubby for stealing from a house between March 14 and March 27.

He was charged with steal and break and enter to the value of less than $6000. 

He was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment.

These offences were culminated for his imprisonment.

Cubby has a non-parole period and the earliest he can be released is August 8, 2019. 

The sentences run to December 8, 2019.