Hearing adjourned

A forensic expert has said it is impossible to know whether more than one shotgun was used and how many shots were fired in the alleged Hermidale triple homicide in 2015.

The first day of Allan Geoffrey O’Connor’s committal hearing at Dubbo Local Court on Friday was full of technical information from an expert – and recounts from police arresting officers. 

Mr O’Connor has been charged with the murder of his former partner Rebecca Webb and Steven and Jacob Cumberland on a Hermidale property in June 2015. 

Friday was the first day of a two-day committal hearing, which is due to continue on November 16.

Magistrate Gary Wilson heard from prosecution witnesses, including Crime Scene Officer Walter Murphy who specialises in forensics and ballistics for the NSW Police Force.

Mr Murphy attended the crime scene on June 27, 2015, and saw evidence taken from the crime scene, from the accused’s property and from the bodies of the deceased.

Mr Murphy spoke to the court about how the shotgun the accused allegedly used in the murders could have been used in the incident. 

The firearm used was allegedly a 12-gauge above and below shot gun. 

“Most of my involvement was to examine evidence recovered at the scene and from the deceased,” Mr Murphy said. 

“It does not necessarily show they’re (cartridges) from one shotgun, it would be almost impossible to determine that.” 

It does not necessary show they’re from one shotgun, it would be almost impossible to determine that.

Walter Murphy, Crime Scene Officer

The arresting officers of Mr O’Connor also testified at the committal hearing.

Once all the prosecution witnesses were called, Magistrate Wilson adjourned the hearing until November 16.