Letters to the Editor |

I would like to make comment on the rumours and reports around local health services which have tarnished the reputation of the Nyngan MPS and our staff.  We have some very skilled clinicians and dedicated staff and a service that rivals many across our region and I would like to provide my full support for staff and the services we provide in Nyngan.

To the issue of the appointment of a General Practitioner, Visiting Medical Officer (GP VMO), I would like to note that for a rural location, where local Councils are often involved in supporting general practice in the community, Bogan Shire Council is providing a very high level of leadership and support. As part of their commitment to providing first class health services, they have been determined to ensure that when they recruit a doctor they can work at the MPS as well, which makes sense for every rural community.

In response to recent advertising, no local doctors applied for Visiting Medical Officer rights at the MPS. If any had done so, as with every VMO appointment, we would have made an assessment of their clinical performance and capacity to work with our health service under the terms that are required of any of our employees.

Monday, October, 30 I took the opportunity to meet with staff, members of the local Health Council, and representatives of Bogan Shire Council including the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and General Manager. These were very productive meetings, and helped clarify just how difficult it has been for hospital staff to operate in the current climate.  It also galvanised us to work much closer together and with greater tenacity to ensure that health services in Nyngan continue to develop.

The Nyngan Health Service offers a high quality of care to the community. Anyone - staff, former staff or community members - have the right to raise concerns in the appropriate manner and expect that they are reviewed and addressed appropriately. To the best of my knowledge and observation, this is what has occurred at the Nyngan Health Service.

The Nyngan Health Service is currently undergoing routine accreditation processes, and I fully expect that it will continue to be assessed at a very high level. The Local Health District is very proud of the work being done by clinical and support staff at the MPS.

The relationship between small communities, including their local Council and Councillors, and a health service is a very important component for that health service to function well and I know our staff at Nyngan value it very much.

I want the community to know and trust that both your local health service, its management and staff, and the Local Health District and the Bogan Shire Council are working as hard as we can to ensure your health services are the best they possibly can be. Scott McLachlan, Chief Executive Western NSW Local Health District