Nyngan's Carp Muster 2018, photos

This year over 300 people braced the 40-degree heat to take part in the annual Bogan River Carp Muster.  

A total of 305 registered entrants spent the day on the river catching 300 carp that weighed in at a total of 221 kilograms.

President of the Bogan River Carp Muster Rob Avard said while the numbers were down from last year it was still a good effort and “shows they’re there and we still need to catch them”.

“It was an enjoyable day, and a good crowd with 305 entries which was fantastic. Weather wise it got hotter as the day went on but everyone was in good spirits.” he said.

Mr Avard congratulated all the prize winners, especially the younger winners. “It was pleasing to see the younger ones out there having a go,” he said. 

“Thank you to everyone who travelled far to come along, and a big thank you to our sponsors, to name a few the Dubbo Garden Hotel fishing club, the Bogan Shire, Toyota, Food Works, Ken Carrett transport and Elders. Also a big thank you to the Carp Muster committee, I’d be lost without them,” Mr Avard said. 

The biggest catches for the 10 and under boy and girl category went to Ellie Apps catching a fish of 43 cm, and Louis Young with a carp of 49 cm.

The biggest catch for the 11 and under 17 years girl category went to Nattie Elsey and Hope Kehoe-Fernando with a catch of 32 cm. 

Isac Drady not only won the biggest catch in the 11 and under 17 years boy category, but also won biggest catch of the day with a carp of a whopping 67 cm.

Rachel Burns won the open female category with a carp of 50 cm, and Ben Brown won the open male category catching a carp of 60 cm.

The Monagee Road Crew featuring Mason Rope, Cooper, Archie and Will Black, were the team with the most carp, catching 17.

The best dressed individual on the day was Simon Bartley, also known on the day as the ‘Short Shaft Mercury Motor’.

The Mario Bros featuring Gabby Elias, Mitch Thornbury and Dan Plunkett were awarded best dressed team.

On the day Randell Robb caught tagged fish 230 sponsored by Deacon & Co Nyngan. 

On Sunday morning Sonny & Rowley Lister caught tagged fish 233 sponsored by Nyngan Pharmacy.

The $50 bounty on tagged Carp will remain until Easter Monday, but then will become $20 until the Carp Muster in 2019.