The perks of being a high schooler

Life according to year 12 students at Nyngan High School.
Life according to year 12 students at Nyngan High School.

The first world problem that students at Nyngan High School are currently facing is that the codes for the printer have changed.

A day in the life of a teenager at school.

As a school student, we are so used to doing practically the same thing every day and do so for 13 years.

We don’t realise it but we are in such a routine. We thrive on routine.

This could be the classic holiday routine of going to sleep at about 3am and waking up at 1pm or the doing an assessment the night before its due routine.

As a year 12 student who takes only six classes all the days feel almost identical and blend in together.

The problem that we then face is that these routines that we have subconsciously gotten ourselves into is that once we leave school and not every day will be the same.

So, when we turn up to work at some point and everyday isn’t the same, it’s not going to be easy.

Although this may sound quite silly this may be the reason that teenagers struggle with finishing school.

The solution to the current problem? Change the printer codes back.

By the Year 12 English class at Nyngan High School

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