From the Mayor's | Good local and visitor support

Good local and visitor support was again shown at the annual carp muster held at the river last Saturday.

Considering it was accompanied by over 40’ temperatures, it was great to see everyone.

Hopefully catching less carp this year means there are less of the pests in the river.

Thanks to President Rob Avard AFSM, his committee and the other helpers and sponsors who made sure the day was a success.

It remains a safe family day and one of the annual events held in Nyngan that attract a lot of visitors to our friendly town.

Big Bogan

Last week’s Nyngan Observer asked readers if they thought Nyngan should have a ‘mother’ Big Bogan.

Readers were asked for their opinion on Facebook and in print.

Council resolved at its December 2017 meeting to have smaller versions of the Big Bogan at each of the Visitor Information Bays on the approaches to Nyngan, but has never discussed or mentioned having a Mother Bogan and is not on our agenda for the Council meeting next week.

It can be misleading when local media floats ideas like this on Facebook without verifying Council’s intention and the views of Councillors on behalf of our community.

Australia Day

I had a message from our Australia Day Ambassador Kyle Vander Kuyp saying that he had a great time sharing Australia Day in our community and enjoyed all the lovely hospitality from everyone in Nyngan.

Safety First

Council have cleaned up the mess left by some of our young citizens who cut down a lot of small trees on the river bank near the bridge.

We removed some of the ropes at the end of limbs overhanging the river.

Parents please make sure your children are safe if they are swimming in the river.

Climbing out on trees metres above the bank and river may be fun, but the potential exists for a serious accident if one of the children falls off the tree.

Speeding Up

Advice from our local State member is that saving time is the reason why some ore trains are now speeding through town at up to 80km per hour.

I have letters of concern from High School, Pre School, and the owners of a local business adjacent to the highway level crossing who see lots of children crossing the tracks and will hopefully get support from the local traffic committee.

These will be sent to the Minister responsible.

Please indicate to myself, Councillors or the General Manager if you share our concerns about community safety.

Ray Donald OAM, Bogan Shire Mayor