Special Plan Ahead day in Nyngan

The NSW Trustee and Guardian will be hosting a Plan Ahead day in Nyngan on June 14. 

A Plan Ahead Day enables people to make or update their Will or Power of Attorney documents with expert help from NSW Trustee and Guardian.

NSW Trustee and Guardian of the Broken Hill branch, Francine Crowley said life doesn’t always stay the same and it is important to plan ahead and think about how your affairs would be managed circumstances were to change.

“We really have seen many different situations and people in a range of family circumstances, so we are well experienced to help and offer advice on estate planning. 

“Without a Will, items of monetary and sentimental value may not be distributed as you may have wanted. It is also important your Will is kept up-to-date as your life circumstances change, for example, when you get married, purchase a business or property, get divorced, or have children,” he said.

“NSW Trustee & Guardian can be appointed as the executor of your Will and as your attorney, under a Power of Attorney. By appointing NSW Trustee & Guardian as your independent executor and attorney you can be assured someone independent and impartial is acting on your behalf and it is an easy way of reducing the burden on family members,” Mr Hansen said.

“A Power of Attorney should also go hand-in-hand with a Will, as it allows you to appoint an attorney to manage financial and legal affairs such as paying bills and signing documents if you are unable to manage these affairs yourself or lose the mental capacity to make decisions for yourself in the future.”

Mr Hansen cautioned planning ahead is not just for older people.

“Every adult 18 years and over needs to set time aside to get these documents in place because no one knows what is around the corner. The good thing is, once you have planned ahead, you can get on with enjoying life, knowing that your assets and finances will be protected in the future.”

For more information or to book for the workshop visit: http://www.tag.nsw.gov.au/planahead

NSW Trustee & Guardian tips: What to consider when planning ahead:

  • Start the conversation with those close to you about what your future health, lifestyle and financial needs may be. Take the opportunity to discuss major decisions at a family gathering to help get unanimous decisions. For example, one child may find flaws in a sibling’s proposal about what to do about your financial or legal situation, property or investments and this may be best resolved in a discussion with the family.
  • Make sure the executor of your Will has the skills required to carry out your wishes. This includes understanding the legal, financial and taxation implications that come with the role, as well as the risks and responsibilities. Update your Will as your circumstances change. Situations where you might want to update your Will include: buying a house; marriage, separate or divorce; retirement; birth of children or grandchildren; a beneficiary or executor named in the Will has died.
  • Appoint an attorney, under a Power of Attorney who can manage your financial and legal affairs professionally and independently.  You need to know your attorney will competently make decisions and have the business and financial skills to manage your affairs properly.
  • Consider appointing an Enduring Guardian to make future health and lifestyle decisions for you if you are unable to in the future. Your Enduring Guardian is able to make decisions on your behalf regarding where you live and what health services you receive.