SHANNON NOLL SAGA: Nyngan based Grace Ryan speaks her mind

GOOD TIMES: Duck Creek races are a chance for people to dress up and have a great day out. Photos: ZAARKACHA MARLAN.
GOOD TIMES: Duck Creek races are a chance for people to dress up and have a great day out. Photos: ZAARKACHA MARLAN.

Nollsie, I’m disappointed and I’m annoyed.

I’ve watched Duck Creek grow over the last five years, I’ve seen first hand the effort community members have put into the enormous event each and every year.

And now after the biggest year ever, people are only talking about your spat on stage.

No one is talking about the money raised for the Dolly’s Dream foundation, no one is talking about the funds it brings to the town.

No one is talking about the fact Duck Creek has raised in excess of $100,000 for community groups over the years it’s been running. And no one is talking about the entire day being put together by a dedicated group of volunteers.


No, all they’re talking about is a hissy fit by a singer who graced the stage for 90 minutes, sang a handful of songs and left. 

I am in no way condoning what happened to you, no one should have thrown things on the stage while you and the band were performing. 

But Shannon, I was there, I was serving the drinks. The majority of people were well-behaved and the majority of people were having a great time.

And yet that’s not what the national media are reporting on. They have honed in on a one minute spat because you couldn’t hold it together enough or respond in a sensible way. 

I’m also disappointed, Nollsie, because we have been looking forward to you coming to our little part of Australia for a year now. We don’t often get big named singers and we love singing ‘What About Me’ at the Rugby Club or talking about how you were jipped in the Australian Idol final in 2003 around a fire bucket. 

As a boy from Condobolin I really thought you would understand what these events mean to the town and effort that are put into them.

But then again, maybe not…

Hopefully, when the hype surrounding this tiny fraction of an otherwise fantastic event dies down, people will realise what Duck Creek is and how much it means to our little town. 

And, hopefully, everyone will come back and support it next year. 

Grace Ryan is the Digital Specialist for Fairfax Media, Western and lives in Nyngan. She is not a member of the Duck Creek Committee, all thoughts are her own. 

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