Three Rivers Machinery Duck Creek Races 2018, photos, video

Thousands of people have braced the cold weather, ‘migrating’ to this year’s 2018 Three Rivers Machinery Duck Creek Picnic Races.

It’s the biggest event in the region, this year boasting a record crowd with over 5000 people attending the day which offered something for everyone. 

Men and women dressed for the occasion donning their winter best, while others charged against the fence hoping their horse would cross the finish line first. 

President of the Duck Creek committee Rowen Cleaver said it’s been a “fantastic day” for everyone, and is proud to see so many men and women supporting the day.

"I think it was fantastic day. I am so grateful to see how the town pulled together, and the ones we asked all chipped in and helped,” he said.

Mr Cleaver said while he thought Shannon Noll’s abusive filled tirade during the live entertainment was unacceptable, he and the committee are very thankful that he came to Nyngan to perform at the event. 

“His choice of words are unacceptable … but he apologised and has said he would come back and the charity was close to his heart ... but we all move on. 

“We are very thankful that he played in Nyngan for the benefit of Dolly’s Dream,” he said. 

And it wasn’t just residents of Nyngan flocking to Duck Creek. The day continues to be a big draw card for the town, attracting hundreds of people from elsewhere, many of whom would not otherwise visit the town.

“We work very hard at that, to make it a friendly, happy day with well-priced drinks and well-looked after [guests] so they come back again,” Mr Cleaver said.

“This year it’s been fantastic to see so many people here, especially for such a good cause,” he said. 

Bogan Shire Mayor Ray Donald commended the committee for their hard work organising the event, and the economic benefit the race day brings to the town.

“I commend Rowen Cleaver and his committee for the way it was so well organised, and also the support they are giving to Dolly’s Dream. It’s certainly a good cause and economically to have that large number of people come to the town for a two to three day period is fantastic,” he said.

According to Mr Cleaver and Councillor Donald all reports are boasting the best crowd ever in attendance, without incidents. 

“I thought the crowd were amazing and really well behaved, so we thank them,” Mr Cleaver said.

Cr Donald attested this was also a tribute to the organisers. 

“I also commend the way the crowd behaved on the night, it’s a tribute to the organisers.

Proceeds from the day are channelled back into the Nyngan community and this year donated to Dolly’s Dream.

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