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Renew Our Libraries

In the 2018 Budget the NSW government has cut library funding again. NSW public libraries funding is at a crisis point so at the 2017 LGNSW Conference local Councils agreed unanimously to a joint Local Government (LGNSW) and NSW Public Libraries Association (NSW PLA) advocacy.

The objectives are to increase State government funding to enable public libraries to meet the growing needs of the local communities to raise public awareness of the multiple roles that public libraries play in supporting the educational, social, cultural and economic outcomes in NSW communities.

To respond to this funding crisis and supporting the objectives of :Doubling the State Government funding contribution to NSW public libraries And the creation of a new funding the NSW Public Libraries Association and Local Government of NSW have joined to develop “Renew Our Libraries” advocacy.

Important figures relating to funding and libraries are: NSW government will contribute just $23.5 M to support 360 Libraries across the state compared to local government contribution of over $314M each year; Public Libraries receive over 35M visits per annum but State funding has not increased to match demand receiving a 5 per cent cut; NSW contributes 7.8 per cen of total funding  the lowest of every state in Australia – Vic. (18 per cent) and Queensland (12 per cent); NSW public libraries make a massive $330 M contribution to the NSW economy each year and support over 3000 full time equivalent jobs.

The lack of commitment by the NSW Government to fund public libraries shifts the burden onto local government’s whose budgets are already stretched. We need urgent funding to keep up with demand and to build the libraries of the future.

Renew our libraries aims to educate the broader community about the lack of library funding, recruiting them as supporters who will use their collective voices to call on individual MP’s, Political parties and key government decision makers to support our objectives.

Renew our Libraries will bring together digital, social and traditional media to grow our supporter base and to call key decision makers to support the objectives.

Our community can help by : signing the petition Renew Our Libraries online at; share stories of why  you love your library at “share a story”

The library will be closed on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th August for a major stock rotation. Clients are urged to borrow items before these dates and returns can be dropped in to the returns chute .

Weekly Storytimes  are held at the Library on Wednesday mornings from 10.30 am. All mums carers and children 6ys and under are welcome to come along.