Nyngan Health Service Manager Jenny Griffiths graduates from leadership program

Nyngan Health Service Manager Jenny Griffiths.
Nyngan Health Service Manager Jenny Griffiths.

Nyngan Health Service Manager Jenny Griffiths has graduated from the Clinical Excellence Commissions Executive Clinical Leadership Program.

Ms Griffiths was nominated for the program and was one of 35 leaders across NSW health and Ambulance to take part in the program, which aims to help leaders develop and enhance leadership skills fundamental in providing high quality and safe care. 

The program consists of six, two day modules over a 12 month period in Sydney, where leaders focus on leadership skills, influencing, negotiation, dealing with difficult people and self care. 

“Every 2-3 months you got to go down and work with the same group of people and listened to some really engaging speakers about generational influences and things like that,” Ms Griffiths said. 

As part of the project Ms Griffiths developed the initiative REACH Out into the Nyngan Health Service, a patient and family activated rapid response program that encourages listening to families and empowering them to speak up when they bring their loved ones into hospitals. 

“We acknowledge family members and friends know patients better than us, and we need them to raise a hand and let us know,” Ms Griffiths said. 

Ms Griffiths said after presenting their projects in Sydney last week, it was a valuable experience to see what other health services are implementing in their facilities. 

“It was a great opportunity to see what else everyone was working on and check out what other projects, or bits of projects might work in Nyngan,” Ms Griffiths said. 

“It's amazing we all work in very different places, and different sized facilities but a lot of the stuff is very transferable,” she said. 

Ms Griffiths said REACH is now being implemented across the district and has had a positive response in Nyngan within the first two months. 

“We have worked with Patient Flow and the transport team in Dubbo to provide the REACH response for our local Nyngan calls,” Ms Griffiths said. 

“We’ve had two calls in the first two months, which is at the higher end of the number of calls that even the metropolitan hospitals receive.

“One of those was potentially a life-saving call so that was really impressive,” she said.

Nyngan also boasts another achievement for the NSW LHD with Paulette Meldrum, the first enrolled nurse in NSW to participate in the Clinical Leadership project. 

“It’s exciting,” Ms Griffiths said.

“It’s been good that I’ve been six month ahead and I could help her with some of what to measure as she’s been working through her project.”  

”I think handing on that information to other people who are interested will be really good,” she said.