Shelley Lane memorial garden to be unveiled on Friday

The Nyngan High School will be hosting a memorial day for Shelly Lane.
The Nyngan High School will be hosting a memorial day for Shelly Lane.

To celebrate Shelley Lane’s 14th birthday the Nyngan High School community, her parents Jenny and Clark, and her family and friends will come together to celebrate the life and memory of the teenager. 

Shelley sadly passed away in November last year, and the school will unveil a section of garden dedicated to her memory on Friday, August 17. 

High School principal Michael Gibson said the school, in consultation with Mr and Mrs Lane, will be planting a purple geisha girl tree with a plaque and inspirational mural to keep the memory of Shelley alive within the community and the school. 

“We’ve decided to do this after we have had some healing and we wanted to put in place something for a positive memory of Shelley, who was a very lovely girl,” Mr Gibson said. 

Mr Gibson and Mrs Lane said the spot they have chosen in the school is in a prominent position, and somewhere where Shelley would sit often. 

“We have chosen a secluded but still prominent place for Shelley's memorial in the school.”

“Close to where people move around our school daily and where her friends can sit for their breaks, where anyone can sit for moments of reflection and a spot which will hold a plaque, an inspirational mural and a purple geisha girl tree in her honour,” he said. 

Mrs Lane said that she believes the memorial will not only help keep Shelly’s spirit alive, but will also be a place of healing for her friends. 

“It’s another way to keep her memory alive, and it’s a place where kids who went to school with her, who she went to Kindy with, played netball with ... it’s a place where people can sit and remember her,” Mrs Lane said.

Mr Gibson said the P&C will also be sponsoring a perpetual award at the annual presentation night which will recognise a student who demonstrates the positive values Shelley exuded. 

Community members and members of the school are invited to attend the memorial, and are encouraged to wear an item of purple on the day. 

“We hope that community members who knew Shelley and would like to be a part of the day, feel comfortable to come along to the ceremony,” Mr Gibson said. 

The ceremony will start at 12pm, and will be followed by positive education games and a barbecue provided by the Lane family. 

The memorial table is being provided by Shelley’s parents Mr and Mrs Lane, the commemorative plaque and geisha girl tree have been donated by Sophie and Angus O’Brien and the inspirational mural has been prepared by Elvina Hughan and Shelley’s close friends from the school.