Reincarnation evidence given by NSW healer

Universal Medicine founder Serge Isaac Benhayon. Photo: AAP

Universal Medicine founder Serge Isaac Benhayon. Photo: AAP

A NSW spiritual healer suing an ex-client for defamation has told a jury people who abused their authority, such as dictators and corrupt politicians, are reincarnated as disabled children.

Serge Isaac Benhayon on Thursday agreed that in his Sacred Esoteric Healing course, level 1, he said Roman emperor Nero continues to reincarnate as an autistic child, while other authority abusers reincarnate as children with Down syndrome or other disabilities.

The former tennis coach, 54, was being cross-examined in the NSW Supreme Court at the lawsuit he has brought against Esther Mary Rockett over a lengthy November 2014 blog and her subsequent tweets.

The founder of Universal Medicine, based near Lismore in northern NSW, agreed his belief on the children was not supported by medical science.

Ms Rockett's barrister, Tom Molomby SC, asked if Mr Benhayon had thought that some people - on hearing of is belief - might then take a hostile attitude towards those with autism and other conditions.

Mr Benhayon agreed if the people had only read the course extract section.

He testified on Wednesday that most people have lived at least 2300 lives and he is the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci.

His barrister contends that Ms Rockett's blog and other material portrays his client as the leader of a socially harmful cult, a sexual predator who indecently touched her in the treatment room, and delusional.

The former acupuncturist is fighting the case on the defences of truth and honest opinion.

The cross-examination continues.

Australian Associated Press