Group 11: Reserve grade have work to do for next season

Reserve Grade captain-coach Brad Toole with Reserves most improved Liam Durrington.
Reserve Grade captain-coach Brad Toole with Reserves most improved Liam Durrington.

With only four wins throughout the Group 11 rugby league season and dismal training numbers each week, the Nyngan Tigers reserve grade captain-coach Brad Toole is hoping players recognise the disappointing season, hoping they come back next year striving to improve.  

At Friday night’s presentation evening reserve grade captain-coach Brad Toole said it was a disappointing season and not something he had expected, but thanked the commitment of the core players who persevered each week. 

“I guess at the start of the year we had really high expectations and big ambitions for the year, but standing here today we didn’t live up to those," Tooley said. 

“Hopefully all those players have a bit of a desire in them that they’re not happy with their performance either, because I know I’m not happy with how things turned out.”


Tooley said with the club’s committee and their efforts there are “no excuses” not to be playing semi-final football, and it’s something they deserve to see. 

“With our committee and how hard they work, we’ve got no excuses not to be a semi-final club in every grade, no excuses at all.”

“Hopefully next year we can get a little bit more commitment and really be playing semi-final football, because that’s where we deserve to be … that’s what [our committee] deserve to be watching and we didn’t deliver this year,” he said. 

Across all grades, it was a lack of commitment by players turning up to training which all coaches said was “deflating”. 

“As Glen said earlier, it wasn’t an easy year. At training on a Friday night you've got 15 people there for three grades, you’ve got the managers and that’s it, it was pretty deflating at times,” Tooley said. 

“I want to tip my hat to Jake … he had a pretty stressful year and he held strong all year.”

“Fisky you you did a great thing for this club this year, it wasn’t easy for you but I think you’re a real great role model for the young fellas you coach and the juniors coming through.

“So if everyone can take a little bit of your passion for your football, your community and your mates I think that will be a big step for the future.” 

Despite the disappointing end to the season, Tooley acknowledged the large player turnover, the injuries and loss of 13 players from the first grade side last year which stacked the odds against the reserve grade side. 

“Not every year’s going to be an up year, but I just want to thank the people that stuck really strong this year.”

Tooley thanked a number of poeple including reserve grade manager Brendan Smith for his help thoughout the season and all the under 18s that continued to fill in and back up their games to help the team play. 

“Thank you to our manager Brendan Smith. He’s been an asset to us, and without him this year I wouldn’t have been able to do the job.”

“He’s there every Sunday, travels, he’s a great ear to talk tactics or see which u/18’s are going to come and fill in your side every Sunday, so thank you I appreciate all the work you’ve done.”


  • Most Improved – Liam Durrington
  • Coaches Award – Zach Waterhouse and Simon Bartley
  • Red Bradley Award for most consistent forwarad – Justin Cox
  • Best Back – Robert Lane
  • Players Player – Angus Currans
  • Best and Fairest – Angus Currans