Palais Theatre: Bogan Shire Council to send out flyer for residents to have their say

Residents will get to have a say in the proposed future of the Palais Theatre, when they receive a flyer in their mailbox later this week. 

Strong community feedback prompted the Bogan Shire Council to resolve at last month’s council meeting the historical building will be reconstructed. 

Bogan Shire General Manager Derek Francis said a flyer will be sent to all ratepayers and residents explaining the situation and structural engineers report and allow for community input into suggested options for the facility. 

The theatre, which hosts the Western Studio of Performing Arts Dance Studio, has been closed to the public due to major structural issues, which pose a threat to public safety.

According to the council’s business papers, after inspection structural engineers found there were “extreme floor slope variations, extreme wall rotation and severe ceiling damage.”

It was also revealed tiles on the front facade are becoming dislodged. 

It was recommended by engineers that consideration should be made to demolish the building and replace it with a new facility to comply with current standards and building codes. 

While there is much community concern surrounding the potential demolition of the theatre, Mr Francis said costs need to be considered in its reconstruction. 

“The problem we have is, to be able to renovate or repair that building were probably looking at a bill in excess of $5 million,” Mr Francis said.

“Where as if we put a new structure up elsewhere or on that site if the old one is demolished you’re probably looking at $3 million.” 

“So it’s a lot more expensive to repair that building as it is because of the current issues with the foundations.

“You practically have to take it apart and try and put it back together,” he said. 

Mr Francis said state government funding is going to be vital in the reconstruction of the theatre, and is something the council are currently looking into. 

“Having established [the structural engineers report] council decided they need to look at replacing the building with a reconstructed version, and that just comes down to the site for that,” Mr Francis said.

“But also very importantly we’re going to need funding from the state government for that building, because we don’t have access to that amount of funds in our onus,” he said.

Flyers regarding the future of the Palais Theatre will be sent to rate payers and residents by the end of the week.

Community members will have three options to chose that they would prefer council to follow, with submissions needing to be returned by November 19.