Bogan Shire Drought Communities program projects considered

The Bogan Shire Council have prioritised a number of projects to be completed under the Drought Communities Program at last month’s council meeting. 

The Bogan Shire was included to receive $1 million in funding under the Drought Communities Program to contribute to community infrastructure and other projects for communities affected by the drought. 

“Council prioritised a list of projects to put forward for the $1 million drought funding, which is really aimed at stimulating the local economy, and having money circulate through the town,” Shire General Manager Derek Francis said.

“So we'll be looking at the employment of local people local contractors to do those works.” 


Projects prioritised by council include: improvements to the canteen and announcer box at Larkin Oval, upgrades to the pool including its facade, amenities, children's splash play and half basketball court, restoration of the Wye Pavilion, rectification of CBD awnings and painting of shopfronts, the Coolabah hall, Nyngan Town Hall kitchen and Nyngan’s historical structures. 

Mr Francis said one of the conditions stipulate funding is to be spent by June 30, 2019 and will be difficult to complete by that deadline. 

“It's going to be very difficult obviously in a small town like ours, and there would be many others in the same boat, we only have a limited number of local contractors and people who can do the sort of work we want.”

“To try and squeeze that all in, as well of the other work they no doubt have lined up, is going to be very tricky to get done by June 30.”

“So we are asking our local member Mark Coulton to see if that can be extended to the end of December to give us another six months to do those projects.”