Nyngan Garden Club finish year with Christmas Party, photos

A delightful gathering of 32 members of our Garden Club was recently held in the dining room of the RSL club. 

It was our annual Christmas meeting and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the delicious roast smorgasbord and sweets. Thank you Scott.

The tables looked lovely with colourful Christmas decorations complete with flowers and bon bons, with lots of laughs as they were pulled and jokes read out.

“What did the mayonnaise say to the fridge?” “Shut the door.  I’m dressing!”. 

Later a most interesting talk was presented by Leonie on some of the old and rare items that are on display in the local museum. 

People have generously given treasures, war memorabilia and records of family history dating back to last century and beyond.  Precious chinaware from England came packed in sawdust and newspaper, and a rare piece of Lithgow pottery dated 1896, along with the Honour Board from the Town Hall and a sample of Green Depression glass are just a few of the special and unique display at the museum.  

Through careful recording and dedication by many volunteers, the Museum presents an excellent source of the district history, and well worth a visit.


Members were invited to bring along some unusual items from home to talk about and share with others.   

One such thing was shown to us by Mary. It was a real ‘puzzle’ known as a oxydonor made of silver and never seen by anyone before.

A strange medical instrument which it was believed, cured many ailments when applied to the body. Fascinating testimonials had come from those who had experienced healing, ranging from the very young to the elderly.

A reminder that the Garden Club Christmas markets are to be held on Saturday, December 8 in the Shearing Shed car park, commencing at 6pm. 

Plants and goods will be for sale with tickets being sold for the giant hamper. 

This year we will donate our proceeds to two organisations: Little Wings and Can Assist.

If others would like to hold a stall at the markets, please contact Di Donald on 6832 1339. Cost will be $15 each.

A big thank you to our executive and all members who willingly work for the successful running of our Garden Club.    

Happy Christmas to everyone and all good wishes for the New Year.