History of Nyngan | The honour roll

Have you seen this document before? It was found by Sarah Bunn when she was going through her late mother’s estate. Her mother, Heather McPherson, was a paper conservator based in Goulbourn. There was no documentation to go with the work, and Sarah has no idea how long her mother had had it, or from whom she received it. Heather McPherson passed away nearly four years ago.

The document is apparently badly affected by mould and has a torn area on the bottom. Heather had obviously not begun treatment to conserve it. Sarah is also a paper conservator and I have requested that she give a quote for the museum support group for its treatment.

The honor roll was obviously painted by Ethel White, who painted the wonderful triptych Honor Roll that is housed at the museum. It is titled ‘Honor Roll, Nyngan S. P. School. Great War, 1914 – 1918’

Ethel was born in Nyngan in 1883, however, the small buildings she has drawn predate this, the small buildings at the bottom having the dates, 1882 and 1883. The building in the top right corner has the date 1906 on the left and 1888 on the right.

Adorning the sides of the document are the badges for each of the states of Australia. The Cross of St. George with a lion and stars for NSW. Below that is the Imperial Crown and Southern Cross of Victoria, followed by the Black Swan of Western Australia. On the right-hand side is the Red Walking Lion of Tasmania, the Blue Maltese Cross and Crown of Queensland and the Australian Piping Shrike of South Australia.

Lastly there are exquisite native flowers and birds. Hopefully you will  be able to see this document, restored and on display at the Nyngan Museum in the near future. If you know any information about this document, please contact the museum.

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