Police target dangerous driving in the lead up to Christmas period

A joint police operation has targeted dangerous driver behaviour in the region and Nyngan Police Sergeant Tony Wood said this will continue as the holiday season approaches. 

Under operation Chrome, Nyngan Police targeted a number of traffic offences, including illicit drug possession, supply and transportation aimed at reducing dangerous driving in the region.

“Police have new technology with regard to new drug testing and we've been using that across the region quite a bit, which is like random breath testing,” Sergeant Wood said. 

“Any person who tests positive to drugs will have their licence suspended immediately for a 24-hour period.”

“When the results of the analysis come back they then face a charge of driving under the influence of a drug,” he said. 

Under the operation about 4.50pm on November 23 police stopped a 21-year-old male on Nymagee street conducting a random breath and drug test. 

The male driver tested positive for drugs. When police conducted a search of the vehicle they located a pipe and a plastic bag containing what they allege to be the illicit drug ice. He was then charged with possession of a prohibited drug and may likely face charges of driving under the influence of an illicit drug. 

During the same weekend on November 24 police randomly tested a 37-year-old Nyngan male who tested positive for drug use. 

In the lead up to Christmas and as part of an ongoing operation to combat drugs and road safety police will continue to target dangerous road users, under operation Safe Arrival.

On December 2, at about 12.10pm police officers stopped a motor vehicle travelling on the Barrier Highway east of Cobar as part of the Safe Arrival Operation.

Police searched the vehicle and a 41-year-old Nyngan woman was arrested for two counts of possessing substances believed to be prohibited drugs and one count of possessing prescribed restricted substance. The woman was granted conditional bail to appear before Nyngan Court. 

“It’s the silly season when people drive long distances which can cause fatigue and they tend to celebrate with drinking,” Sgt. Wood said. 

“Those two individually are very dangerous, you mix them together and it's a recipe for disaster.” 

“So again don't drink and drive, plan your trip, don’t hurry and take frequent rest breaks,” he said.