Horoscope: where the stars suggest you travel this Valentine's Day

Decisions: Let your star sign determine your next holiday destination.
Decisions: Let your star sign determine your next holiday destination.

Love really might be written in the stars, and your boarding pass.

Astrologer Alison Moroney teamed up with Hotels.com to reveal the top domestic travel and romance recommendations for Aussies based on their horoscopes.

ARIES: Aries are energetic, full of enthusiasm and like doing things in style. Where romance and holidays are concerned, they love theatre, sport, and upmarket accommodation. Places that offer plenty of activities, both sporting and cultural, are appealing to them. Because romance and recreational interests are governed by the same house, these are the places they are likely to find love. Places to visit in 2019: London, UK

Horoscope hotspot for a Valentine’s Day staycation: MACq 01 Hotel, Tasmania. For the energetic Aries, the 4-star MACq 01 Hotel is the place to stay this Valentine’s Day. Set on the waterfront, and with rooftop views of the harbour, you can get your cultural fix at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, a performance at the Theatre Royal, visit the Cascade Brewery, or head over to the Salamanca Market.

TAURUS: Taurean natives are connoisseurs of good food and fine wine. They love life’s little comforts but they’re also earthy and practical, and very much interested in remaining fit for health reasons. Consequently, when they travel, they like to do it in style but cost factors always influence these decisions. They enjoy natural environments and holiday destinations should allow them to partake in little luxuries whilst enjoying the benefits of staying fit or enjoying their natural surroundings. Places to visit in 2019: Florence, Italy

Horoscope hotspot for a Valentine’s Day staycation: Novotel Barossa Valley Resort, South Australia. Taurians can live it up and drink in the romance of the Barossa Valley at the Novotel Barossa Valley Resort, a 4.5 star luxury hotel surrounded by an abundance of wineries. Featuring a full-service spa, on-site restaurant, bicycle rentals and hiking trails (for the cost-cutters) nearby, you can get up close and personal with the Barossa’s lush natural landscapes, before winding down with a glass of the country’s finest wines and cheeses at Jacobs Creek Vineyards.

GEMINI: Geminis love to be part of the mainstream of life and love busy places that are full of people, life, and literature. When they switch off from life and kick up their heels, they love to be in beautiful areas where nothing of a seedy nature is likely to disturb their equilibrium. Places of culture, art, love, and great beauty bring happiness to Geminis. Places to visit in 2019: Paris, France

Horoscope hotspot for a Valentine’s Day staycation: Melbourne Metropole Central, Victoria. Geminis can impress their crushes with their cultural sides at the Melbourne Metropole Central, in the heart of hip hotspot, Fitzroy. A short walk from the heart of the vibrant city, this 4-star hotel feels like a home away from home, with cosy rooms, a stylish bar, and rooftop pool. For the daydreaming couple, take a stroll through the Carlton Gardens, or take a trip to Melbourne Museum together – whoever has the most cultural knowledge has to buy the other a drink!

CANCER: Cancerian natives are very fluid people who adapt quickly to their environment. They need to feel safe and are drawn to places that are family-orientated, with great facilities for young people and the young at heart. The ocean and beachside locations are natural holiday destinations for Cancerians, but they also love the opportunity to explore, so holiday destinations need to offer interesting options. Places of archaeological interest are of particular interest such as Pompeii appeal to Cancerians, as do places steeped in history. Places to visit in 2019: San Francisco, USA

Horoscope hotspot for a Valentine’s Day staycation: Reef View Hotel, Hamilton Island, Queensland. An island getaway is the perfect way to seal the deal, so why not head up north to the warmth of the Reef View Hotel, a 4 star beachfront hotel on the family-friendly island. For those looking to keep busy, try out the hotel’s tennis courts, or take advantage of the free paddle boarding, snorkelling, and windsurfing equipment available to guests. Once you’re ready to relax, take a romantic dip in the infinity pool, or enjoy a couple’s massage at the on-site spa.

LEO: Leos are drawn to foreign places, mountain retreats, and places of knowledge, law, and power. They also love doing things in style so they won’t settle for second best. Places where there are hallowed halls of knowledge are appealing, such as university towns or places with ancient traditions such as Rome, Greece, Paris, and London. Leos also love to play so there also needs to be great entertainment venues, where they can wine and dine in splendour. Warmer climates are preferred. Places to visit in 2019: Athens, Greece

Horoscope hotspot for a Valentine’s Day staycation: Peppers Waymouth Hotel, Adelaide, South Australia. The 5-star Peppers Waymouth Hotel is perfect for the stylish Leo looking for a place to wander and learn more about Adelaide’s local history with their significant other. Renowned for its abundance of beautiful churches, but also dotted with shopping hotspots such as Adelaide Central Mall, Rundle Street Mall and Victoria Square, Adelaide is a colourful mix of history and entertainment. 

VIRGO: Virgos like to be thoroughly organised and not take chances. They expect value for money in their accommodation, and tend to be drawn towards colder climates, where gathering around a warm fireside is featured. The Virgo is also very interested in places offering health retreats, natural springs, healthy living, and a natural environment so they can feel connected to nature. Places to visit in 2019: Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Horoscope hotspot for a Valentine’s Day staycation: Rydges Horizons Snowy Mountains, NSW. Virgos (and their partners) can get closer to nature while visiting the Snowy Mountains region, with the Rydges Horizons Snowy Mountains providing an excuse to cuddle up in front of a fireplace and plan your day to a T. Situated on the waterfront, the 4-star Rydges offers guests a free buffet breakfast before a big day out on the snow, as well as access to an arcade game room, for those not ready to brave the chill.

LIBRA: Librans are gentle folk and like places where their inner balance is not going to be threatened. They need to be in harmony with life and the world around them, and appreciate all that is beautiful about the world. Places of ancient origin, and centres of great works of art are appealing to them, as are places steeped in romantic tradition. They also love eclectic atmospheres where people and couples can come together in harmony. Places to visit in 2019: Lima, Peru

Horoscope hotspot for a Valentine’s Day staycation: Waves Byron Bay, New South Wales. Match the swell in your heart with the swell of Byron Bay’s beautiful beaches, with a stay at Waves Byron Bay. A hippy’s paradise, Byron is known for its beautiful beaches, relaxed atmosphere and holistic environment, and you can experience the pinnacle of that at Waves. This 4.5 star motel offers bicycle rentals and beach towels for the free spirit, and is a short walk from Main Beach, the Cape Byron Lighthouse, and Arakwal National Park.

SCORPIO: Scorpios are secretive souls but enjoy the tug of war that is life. They’re drawn to secret and secluded places; places of mystery, imagination, soul, and power. Cities that have been significant in history, as well as those with catacombs, memorials, centres of research, volcanic regions, hot springs, and lava pools all capture their imagination and exploratory nature. Places to visit in 2019: Hawaii

Horoscope hotspot for a Valentine’s Day staycation: Desert Gardens, Yulara, Northern Territory. Experience the epitome of Australian soul and power at Desert Gardens, a luxury 4.5 star hotel in Yulara, just 20 minutes to the famed Ayers Rock, or Uluru. Scorpios and their loves will enjoy the hotel’s daily Indigenous Activities Program, learning to play the didgeridoo, throwing a boomerang, or witnessing traditional dance and storytelling. Escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy the hotel’s two restaurants, or take advantage of the full service spa, and explore Australia’s rich Indigenous history.

The Blue Mountains will appeal to Sagittarians.

The Blue Mountains will appeal to Sagittarians.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarians are free spirits and love to travel and experience culture. They love  mountainous areas and warm places. They are passionate about sport, whether as spectators or participants. Centres of culture, learning, and sport hold great appeal to them, as does experiencing the great outdoors such as safari parks. Places to visit in 2019: Botswana, Africa

Horoscope hotspot for a Valentine’s Day staycation: The Hydro Majestic Hotel, Blue Mountains, NSW. The Hydro Majestic Hotel will satisfy any Sagittarius with its full landscape views of the mountains. Featuring stylishly decorated rooms, this 4-star hotel truly lives up to its name. With plenty of activities nearby, couples can enjoy Katoomba’s Scenic World or the Echo Point Lookout, and get out amongst nature at the Three Sisters.

CAPRICORN: Capricorns have rather conservative tastes and attitudes and like places of tradition and cooler climates. For their recreational pursuits, they like to be around financial centres and centres of wealth, power, tradition, and government. Places such as Washington DC, New York, London, Paris would be attractive to them. Places to visit in 2019: Shanghai, China

Horoscope hotspot for a Valentine’s Day staycation: Novotel Canberra, ACT. Capricorns will be in romantic heaven at the 4.5 star Novotel Canberra, Australia’s political and power hub. Offering a restaurant, indoor pool, and spa tub, you and your sweetheart will feel just like the rich and powerful. In the city, you can get amongst all the happenings at the National Museum of Australia, or make your own love laws at Parliament House.

AQUARIUS: Aquarius loves places where throngs of people gather together, such as where there’s a café lifestyle and al fresco dining, and great shopping. They love the hustle and bustle of life, and places such as New York, Rome, Florence, Istanbul, Hong Kong, and Singapore would capture their imagination and their hearts. The ancient hearts of these places are a draw card. Places to visit in 2019: Singapore

Horoscope hotspot for a Valentine’s Day staycation: Hilton Brisbane, Queensland. Aquarians can live it up with their lovers in the heart of Brisvegas at the Hilton Brisbane, a 5-star hotel featuring 24 hour fitness facilities, an outdoor pool and sun loungers, bicycle rentals, and a pillow menu to ensure tip top comfort. Check out the Botanic Gardens with your Valentine, or head out for a jaunt to the XXXX Brewery and get a taste of classic Aussie beer, straight from the source.

PISCES: Pisces are naturally drawn to the water, and love secret, romantic, dreamy getaways in enchanting, mystical places. Riverside locations, centres of art and music, and places that stimulate the imagination are on the list. The Orient, sea and river cruises, cities on the orient express route, or travelling on the Orient Express are activities and places that appeal to Pisces. Places to visit in 2019: Vancouver, Canada

Horoscope hotspot for a Valentine’s Day staycation: Margaret River Resort, WA. Margaret River Resort is a 4 star heaven for Pisceans, situated within the delightful waterfront town of Margaret River. This resort offers low-key luxury for those looking for a romantic night in, offering a quaint garden, restaurant, and outdoor tennis court. Connect with nature, as well as your partner, at the Eagles Heritage Wildlife Park, or pay a visit to Watershed Premium Wines for a glass of vino with your heartthrob.