Life Charity Focus to build special needs school and medical centre

The Life Charity Focus ball is back again, this year raising money for the charity's new project.  

After years of visiting Uganda, executive director Anna Carter and president Dione Carter of Life Charity Focus (LCF) said they had witnessed many hard and heartbreaking experiences due to the lack of resources and services in the area. 

It was their recent trip however, which has inspired the charity to build a special needs school and medical facility to help create a better future for the people living there. 


LCF is a community based, non-profit organisation operating in Eastern Uganda in the Budaka district, that aims to help children and their communities be able to live a meaningful and sustainable life.

The charity was established in 2015 by Moses Gorie, a former sponsor child of Nyngan's Jack and Dione Carter.

Through fundraising and major sponsors, a private school was built by LCF at Budaka in 2016 which educates 700 children.

Now the charity's organisers are now looking to build their own medical centre to bridge the service gap and establish a special needs school to compliment many students at LCF who suffer from cerebral palsy and down syndrome.

While visiting Uganda, Dione said she visited a number of poor village and spoke to groups of women about family planning, hygiene and nutrition. 

She also distributed 20 hygiene kits donated by Nyngan's Days For Girls to children at the school.  

"Most of them are very under educated on family planning as a lot of them had ever attended schools or been educated," Dione said.

"I handed out 160 mosquito nets and 60 jerry cans to these women who normally cannot afford a net or jerry can, which cost around $5 each.

"They were so excited to receive these kits and it will be a big blessing in their lives."

To help raise funds for the construction of a medial centre and special needs school in Uganda the foundation is hosting the Life Charity Focus ball again at the Nyngan Riverside Tourist Park on Saturday, March 30 from 5pm.

"This is always a great night for sponsor parents and community members to dress up and enjoy great food and entertainment," Dione said.

"This year most of our proceeds go towards the purchase of land and construction for the first stages of the medical centre and special needs school."

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For more information on the ball or the work undertaken by Life Charity Focus visit 'Life Charity Focus Uganda' on Facebook.