Bourke chef attempts world record of playing pool for 106 hours

Shayne Barwick, the head chef at the Port of Bourke Hotel, will embark on a world record attempt to raise money for his town.
Shayne Barwick, the head chef at the Port of Bourke Hotel, will embark on a world record attempt to raise money for his town.

The head chef at the Port of Bourke Hotel is putting down the knife and chalking up the pool cue in an attempt to set a world record of playing pool for 106 hours. 

And it's all to support drought-stricken farmers in NSW. 

Shayne Barwick is hoping to raise awareness for communities in the north-west of NSW doing it tough in the prolonged drought. 

The head chef is aiming to raise almost $100,000 though sponsorship and donations, which will go toward purchasing vouchers from local businesses, who are also suffering as a result of the dry conditions.

He said vouchers would then be distributed to farmers in need that have registered for the help from appropriate agencies.

"It's a double head win," he said.

"We're going to go buy vouchers for fuel, groceries, clothing and give that to the farmers, so that way the farmers are getting something out of it, but so are the businesses."

And it's not just Brewarrina, Bourke and Cobar, with Mr Barwick hoping he can help other communities such as Nyngan. 

"Everyone is doing it tough out here, we're trying to help everyone," he said.

"We're going to try and help as many communities as we possibly can, we're not just specifically honing in on one, two or three, we're honing on all struggling farmers and business around NSW."

It's not his first attempt at a world record, with Mr Barwick holding the record in the Guinness Book for the longest consecutive solo lawn bowls set, raising almost $60,000 for a disability ramp for the Cloncurry Bowling Club.

He has also walked 350 kilometres from Brisbane to Bundaberg in six days to raise money for leukemia. 

"At the moment the record hold is 105 hours and 22 minutes for playing singles pool and I thought we would set the bar a little higher and go for 106 hours." 

Mr Barwick will start his record attempt on May 1 at 10pm and will finish at 8am on May 6.

To break the record he will play continuously against different competitors with just five minute breaks every one hour.

Due to strict guidelines that stipulate regular health checks for Mr Barwick, first aid will be provided by the Rural Fire Service, NSW State Emergency Services and the Bourke Hospital.

"I think I'll cruise right along, I'm going to have heaps of support there and people keeping me awake, and heaps of no-doz."

People are invited along during the attempt to a series of activities including live entertainment on Friday and Saturday night and on Sunday guests can take part in a charity auction while Mr Barwick pushes through to the end. 

Mr Barwick said Sunrise is expected to make a visit on Monday morning. 

"Cricketer Greg Ritchie he's on board and is going to donate a heap of stuff for the auction."

He said Bourke are now under level five water restrictions and the towns future is being taken "day-by-day."

"They're doing it pretty hard at the moment."

The event is something to help boost some morale for the community.

"It's going to be good, I'm looking forward to it.

"Even if people want to come over and have a game of pool with me, I'd be more than happy to give them a game."

There will be live feeds via the Port of Bourke Facebook page throughout the event.