Dick and Ruth Carney's A Little Piece of Heaven is coming to Nyngan

STAGING STORIES: Dick and Ruth Carney on stage at Dubbo. Photo: ZAARKACHA MARLAN
STAGING STORIES: Dick and Ruth Carney on stage at Dubbo. Photo: ZAARKACHA MARLAN

Aboriginal Elders Uncle Dick and Auntie Ruth Carney are bring their play A Little Piece of Heaven to Nyngan.

The pair have taken to the stage in Dubbo, Narromine and Melbourne to tell their story as Aboriginal Australians growing up in rural NSW.

The stage show, presented by Orana Arts details Mr Carney's humble beginnings in Warren, and the trials and triumphs of his time in the shearing sheds during the twentieth century. It goes on to discuss the loss, triumph, endurance, love and dancing of the couple's 55-year long marriage.


While initially reluctant to share his story, Mr Carney said he "feels great" to have his story being told not only to educate people of the prejudice he experienced, but also as a way of healing.

"I feel so great about it. I think it healed me because a lot of things I was afraid of, I'm not afraid anymore, not like I was," he said.

While his experiences prevented him from speaking out, Mr Carney now he hopes sharing it will educate future generations.

"A lot of people cried when they heard my story," he said.

"My parents used to say to us, you've got to get better, not bitter.

"People are so great to me now, anywhere I go, they all say hello to me.

"I used to turn away from people because I was afraid. But now after doing this play it makes me feel great, and that's why I want to tell my story."

The play is heading to Gilgandra on June 12 and will be in Nyngan on Saturday, June 15 at the Nyngan RSL Club from 7pm. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at www.eventbrite.com.au .