Nyngan Garden Club host July meeting in Anna and Greg Corby's garden

A large number of members gathered in the delightful garden of Anna and Greg Corby for our July meeting.

We relaxed and enjoyed the colourful variety of plants and pots, surrounded by tall trees, shrubs, fountains and citrus trees laden with ripening fruit.

One unusual tree was a pummelo, originally from Vietnam, with a crop of huge fruit, sweeter than grapefruit, belonging to the citrus family.

A letter was received from the local Hospital Auxiliary concerning upkeep of some garden beds, and if we could assist. In view of members busy maintaining their own gardens and water restrictions, it was decided instead that the Garden Club donate $500 for two rose gardens and plants.


A number of invitations were received to interesting coming garden events.These included: Bilby at Binnaway Blooms Saturday, September 28; Parkes Open Gardens Sunday, October 12; Berry Garden Festival October 17 - 20; Private Gardens of the Monaro, October 24, November 12 and 20; The Bathurst Spring Spectacular October 26 and 27; and the Crookwell Garden Festival November 9 -10 Cost about $400.

The Garden Clubs of Australia bulletin mentioning the Convention on Norfolk Island, October 14-18. Also, encouraging us to celebrate National Gardening Week October 13 -19, with lots of ideas for us to try.

A suggestion was made that we may like to learn how to make a small terrarium. A lot of interest was shown and we hope to include this activity in our October meeting.

Congratulations to raffle winners Mary McDermott and Eileen Smith.

The next meeting will be held at the home of Debbie and Peter Pearce, 64 Hoskins Street, Nyngan, on Monday, August 26 at 12 noon.

Just bring a chair, a hat and your lunch. New members are always welcome.