Nyngan CWA ladies hit the stage for cultural day

The Nyngan town hall came alive on the 24th August as people converged on Nyngan from far and wide for the CWA Far West Cultural Day concert.

With people travelling from outlying areas such as Bourke and Enngonia to Oberon, Bathurst, Orange and Gulgong. They were entertained with a variety of skits, poetry, singing solos and the old and traditional favourite "The Musicals".

It certainly lifted the spirits high during this time of drought and uncertainty. Many an audience member was heard saying my jaws ache from laughing so much while one was quoted, "I have never laughed so much"

This year Hermidale graced the boards with a rendition of 70s music which saw the Hermidale ladies metamorphous beautifully into Hippies that even Woodstock would have been proud of. What incredible timing as 2019 marks the 50-year anniversary of Woodstock.

The ladies were amazing displaying such energy and enjoyment themselves which became contagious as the audience were lifted in the excitement off their seats to join in with the energetic young and not so young Hippies dancing.

My salute to such enthusiasm and such a powerful message of happiness in our dry and trying times.

Nyngan graced the stage with a musical centred on music and the divide that is often seen between listeners of past and the present music.

Our resident music Genie entered and took the audience on a short journey back in time to see the beauty in music. Which saw Chuck Berry and Helen Reddy make an entrance with such anthems as "Rock N Roll" and a fitting one for the CWA women "I am Woman!"

One of the highlights lay in the exciting and unexpected entrance to the stage of our very own Elvis Presley (aka Royden). The crowd roared with excitement as Elvis was revealed centre stage and he had the audience "All Shook Up". Just for a moment he may have given us an insight into the hysteria Elvis created in both young and old in times gone by.

The Nita Dewhurst poetry competition is contested each year with bush and country poets entering from the Far West CWA group. The title for this year was "A Happy Day" and the winner Mary May Gordon of Trangie wrote a beautiful poem centred on drought of which she is to be commended.

The CWA Far West Cultural Day concert was a welcome and much needed community gathering during these trying times. A splendid spread was provided by the Nyngan CWA and it was a joy into the Town Hall supper room at lunch time and hear it abuzz with laughter and chatter.

I have a feeling those who attended will be talking about it for months to come!