Jan and Col's final letter after 50 years of service to Australia Post

FINAL LETTER: Col and Jan Davison are retiring after a combined 50 years of service to Australia Post. Photo: ZAARKACHA MARLAN
FINAL LETTER: Col and Jan Davison are retiring after a combined 50 years of service to Australia Post. Photo: ZAARKACHA MARLAN

For almost 50 years Jan and Col Davison have been the faces of the local post office.

However the pair are handing over their post bag to new licencees Penny and John Hoy.

The couple have described their experience over the years as "wonderful" and said the decision to leave has not been an easy one.

"We're not retiring because we've had a gutful or anything like that," Col said.

"The wheels are starting to fall off a bit," Jan said.

"That's the only reason, Colin would stay here forever if I could ... he's sort of saying enough is enough for me."


Col began his journey with Australia Post in 1969 as a telegram boy in Trundle. Prior to this his parents were the agents of the then Community Mail Agent in Fifield.

He went off to attend training school in Strathfield in 1969 for six months before becoming a relief postal clerk at Mendooran and Gulargambone before settling in Nyngan in January 1970.

When the corporate became a licensed post office Col, who was the senior postal clerk, took over the licence with Jan on June 28, 1996.

While the pair have been licensees for 23 years together, Jan and Col have a combined 50 years with Australia Post, as Jan was also the cleaner for the post office for 12 years prior.

"It's been a long time, people say how can you stay in a job for 50 years," Col said.

"But it was easy," Jan said.

They said there had been many changes over the years, the most notable being technology.

"Back when I first started we used to have a cash draw, cash tin and so forth and we used to sell stamps and because of everything else Australia Post take on, you become a post shop, and you're a general store just about, which is wonderful, everything's there," Col said.

"There's just about nothing that can't be performed over a counter here."

The pair said one of their most memorable experiences was their time during the 1990 flood where they explained having to work out of demountable buildings in the backyard.

"That was unbelievable what we had to do. We had to cart the mail back to the building that had the floor ripped out, and walking over planks and so forth to sort people's mail into their boxes and I'll never forget that," Col said.

"That was hard," Jan added.

The couple said the hardest part about leaving was the customers, who have been generous to them over the years often bringing them flowers, cakes and eggs.

"The customers are just like family, we really should thank them more than anything for being so nice to us all the time," Jan said.

"They're you're friends more than customers, because they come in and appreciate you helping them."