Remembrance Day 2019: Nyngan tributes those who have served and are still serving

The Bogan Shire fell silent at 11am on Monday to commemorate 101 years since the end of the war that was supposed to end all wars.

November 11 marks the day the Armistice was signed to end World War I - a conflict that claimed the lives of 60,000 Australians.

President of the Nyngan RSL sub-branch Derek Francis described early reports of November 11 in 1918 being a "weird and wonderful carnival" and a moment of wild celebration.

"In Cambridge students threw books ... and an effigy of the Kaiser was burned on a bonfire in a market square while people danced around it," he described.

"On 12 November it was reported conversation in the strand was impossible owing to the dim cheers, whistles, hooters and fireworks."


Mr Francis went on to explain in the last 100 years the date has taken a more sombre note and has become a time to remember the honourable Australian service men and women who have suffered and died not only in the Great War, but all conflicts and peacekeeping operations since.

"As we remember and honour those who gave of themselves 100 years ago and their families ... I think it's fitting this morning to remember those 82,000 full time personnel and active reservists who are currently serving in the Australian Defence Force and their families," Mr Francis said.

He said this includes over 2000 personnel deployed from all over the world from South Sedan in Africa to the Philippines in the pacific.

"Most of those are deployed in the middle east in operation Okra, which is Australia's contribution to combat the ISIL terrorist threat in Iraq and Syria ... and in operation High Road in Afghanistan to try and advise and assist security forces," he said.

"Australia also has a significant maritime presence in the pacific, through operation Solania contribute to wider multi-national program to provide maritime surveillance, and [through] operation render safe, the Australian Defence Forces annual series of operations which aims to safely dispose of World War II vintage explosive reminisce from south pacific island nations.

"Let us remember all those who have served and continue to serve. Lest we forget."