Nyngan Town Hall Memorial Debutante ball | photos

The Nyngan Town Hall came alive on Saturday evening, awash with white ball gowns and dapper black suits for the Town Hall Memorial Debutante ball.

It has been almost seven years since young ladies wearing white dresses attended a deb ball as their formal introduction to society.

Eleven young ladies were accompanied with their partners, flower girls, page boys and presented to special guest Rod Corfe from 2WEB Outback radio, Bogan Shire mayor Ray Donald and his wife Di Donald.

With the guidance of Pat and Clyde Cook, the debutantes then waltzed to the pride of Erin and the progressive barn dance before grabbing a parent or friend to dance to the Canadian quick step.

Finally the flower girls and page boys joined them for the ever-popular chicken dance and hokey pokey.

Organiser Leonie Farlow praised what she described as a "wonderful" evening.

"I think it went really well," she said.


"The debs were absolutely beautiful in their gowns, and they did really well with their dancing as well.

"They were so worried about it but come the night, they did so, so well."

Ms Farlow also praised the boys who she said "looked absolutely wonderful too".

"It is hard for them to say yes to say 'yes I'll go up with you when you make your debut', because it's just an area where the boys have never had to go before," she said.

"But they looked really good and escorted the girls really well."

Master of Ceremonies for the night was High School principal Benn Wright, who Ms Farlow said did a "wonderful" job.

"It was a great opportunity for Benn to meet people ... he did a great job for someone who has never had to read out the style of the girls dresses in his life, he did really well," she said.

The meal was catered by Aussie Catering Services from Gulgong, the flowers were supplied by Thistle and Twine and the cake was made by Monique Wye and Narelle Fisk.

Ms Farlow said she hoped the deb ball tradition would continue for future young ladies in Nyngan.

"I hope they do continue it on ... it's just a really good way of getting the town together as one," she said.


  • Harley Yeomans was partnered by Randell Robb and accompanied by Khloe Pitt and Jaxon Yeomans.
  • Sarana Fisk was partnered by Roy Herbert and accompanied by Sarsh Hurst and Layland Lewis.
  • Millie Smith was partnered by Sonny Knight and accompanied by Charlie Smith and Rigby Robb.
  • Mia Taylor was partnered by James Weston and accompanied by Evie Taylor and Blane McDougall
  • Ebony Martin was partnered by Jackson Cox and accompanied by Malee Cook and Coby Cook.
  • Caroline Walsh was partnered by Robert Robb and accompanied by Anna Robb and Hudson Waterhouse.
  • Amie Sheppard was partnered by Cooper Hunt and accompanied by Lucas Anderson and Lucy Gibson.
  • Jade Wye was partnered with Tobey Whelan and accompanied by Maddie Thomas and Toby Selfe.
  • Bailee Griffiths was partnered by Bill Quarmby and accompanied by Matilda Bright and Elijah Bush.
  • Katie Boland was partnered by Roy Calton and accompanied by Emily Boland and James Boland.