Tongling exchange students visit Nyngan and enjoy jam packed week

Ten international students from Tongling, Number 15 Middle School got a glimpse of rural NSW when they visited Nyngan last week.

The Chinese delegation visited the shire as part of a six-day cultural exchange visit with Nyngan High School.

Nyngan High School principal Benn Wright and vice-principal Angie Bush said the trip went well.

"They had a great time, and we're super proud of our students and the way they facilitated the whole process," Mr Wright said.


The students landed in Dubbo on Sunday, November 24 and were driven back to the Nyngan Riverside Caravan Park for the week, where they got their first glimpse of Australian wildlife.

"They were very excited to be spotting the kangaroos on the way back," Mr Wright said. "They were actually alive," Ms Bush added.

On Monday students spent the day at Nyngan High participating in a number of activities. In the evening they enjoyed a game of bowls at the bowling club and a Chinese dinner.

The next day, students endured the dust and adventured to the Walsh family farm 'Watullo', where they saw sheep being shorn. They also made a stop at the Nyngan museum, uncovering the town's history.

In the evening a formal dinner was held at the Aussie Hotel with Bogan Shire councillors and senior staff.

On Wednesday the delegation went out to the Solar Farm and Tritton mine, in the afternoon they enjoyed a barbecue at the school where students played table tennis and attempted hand ball.

Thursday morning the students visited the Local Aboriginal Land Council and attended the Council morning tea, the shearing shed museum and took photos with the big bogan.

They had a great time, and we're super proud of our students and the way they facilitated the whole process.

Benn Wright

The students then had a typical teenage afternoon pool party at the Buchanan's where they had ice cream and Milo for dessert.

On Friday, the students bid farewell and ventured home.

"The visitors really got involved in everything, and our kids were just brilliant we were so happy with our students," Mr Wright said.

The partnership with Tongling began back in 2001 as a council initiative which eventually developed into a regular high school exchange.

Since its inception, contribution from the Bogan Shire Council and fundraising efforts by the community help fund the trip for the students.

"It is a community event, it's not just a school event and we're very thankful for community involvement and all the businesses that support it," Mr Wright said.

"The Bogan Shire Council are phenomenal, what they do is just unbelievable."

Mr Wright said the program provides great opportunities for the students in Nyngan, and is something not only students look forward to each year.

"Not many schools have something that reoccurs on this basis, so it really is an exchange, and the continuity is really demonstrated through the amount of people that talk about it and look forward to it," he said.

"Multiple community members bring up how good it is, and the opportunities it provides for our kids.

"The year groups before talk about how fun it was when they went, then the year groups coming up are looking forward to it when it's their turn, so I think as a part of our culture and our school it's really powerful," he said.

"I just think the amount of applications for students who want to go, proves how much they value it," Ms Bush added.

Preparations are now underway for Nyngan High to take eight students to Tongling in October 2020.

"We'll be out in the community looking for sponsorship soon, if anyone wants to get involved," Mr Wright said.