Nyngan Police continue to target drugs as part of the National Drug Strategy.

A 33-year-old Nyngan woman will face court, charged with drug supply, after police allegedly found a large quantity of amphetamines in her underwear.

Police stopped the woman in Dubbo on February 17, and allegedly located 39 grams of amphetamines in two separate packets in her underwear.

She was charged with offences in regard to the supply of a prohibited drug and will appear before Dubbo Local Court on March 18.

Nyngan Police Sergeant Tony Wood said local police would continue to target illicit drug supply as part of the National Drug Strategy.


He said under the strategy police worked with a number of other agencies to look at where the drugs were coming from, particularly the larger centres such as Dubbo and Wellington, and aimed to intercept before they're dispersed in smaller communities.

"It's always a challenge, because sometimes when [drugs] gets back to a place like Nyngan, it can be dispersed or basically sold out within a 12-hour period, which can make it difficult to prove supply," Sergeant Wood said.

"So targeting these people before they get back to town we often end up seizing larger quantities of the drug, which allows for more serious charges and have a bigger impact on the ongoing supply in small towns."

Sergeant Wood said police consider this charge a success, which has taken a considerable amount of time and work.

"Sometimes the people of Nyngan might say, what are you doing about this?, but it does sometimes take three, six or twelve months to achieve a result such as this, and this is an example of that," he said.

The maximum penalty for the sale and supply of illicit substances is imprisonment, and the harm caused by these prohibited drugs to local communities can't be understated.

"The individual doses of a drug such as ice can be 0.1 of a gram, so finding somebody with 39 grams of a drug can be the equivalent of hundreds of individual sales, so we believe this has been a major interception," Sergeant Wood said.

The arrest comes after a 44-year-old Byrock man was stopped in Nyngan on February 11 where police allegedly discovered 2.8 kilograms of cannabis, along with some prohibited weapons including a spring loaded switchblade and nunchucks in his vehicle.