Locky Gilbert is looking for love on The Bachelor

Locky Gilbert Photo: Supplied
Locky Gilbert Photo: Supplied

There are many ways of finding love, but for Murray Bridge's Locky Gilbert the best chance could be in a house full of women while his every move is captured for all of the nation to see.

This year Locky has become Australia's next 'The Bachelor'.

Now living in Perth, he has become a well-known reality television contestant after taking on Australian Survivor not once, but twice.

And with a love of adventure, Locky is hoping to find that special woman who doesn't necessarily need to be an outdoor adventurer, but shares the same passion for life.

"I think I decided to become The Bachelor because I suck at dating," he said.

"My life is pretty crazy, I'm always travelling, I'm always doing something, I don't always have time to find someone special.

"And this is like a crash course in relationships, so it's definitely what I needed."

Locky will not be starved of choice in the Bachelor House, as he gets to meet 23 women - but it's not all smooth sailing.

During filming of this year's series, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a worldwide shutdown, affecting the show and leaving the bachelor and the ladies in a quandary.

Enter technology - and learning how to enter a courtship without physical intimacy.

"Looking for love in lockdown, I mean I'm a physical person and this is going to be very hard," he said.

"But I'm determined to find love."

The Bachelor begins on Wednesday, August 12, at 7.30pm, on Network 10.