The times, they are changing: I'm grateful for everything

Canberra Times subscribers tour the Fyshwick office pre-COVID-19.
Canberra Times subscribers tour the Fyshwick office pre-COVID-19.

If you are lucky, you may at some point in your working life have the opportunity to work in an organisation with a group of people who you respect, admire and genuinely like.

I found it here at The Canberra Times. I have had many jobs over the years and I can honestly say that I have never loved one as much as my job here at The Canberra Times.

There isn't one thing in particular that stands out for me, it is a combination of many factors. The people, a group of workers of all ages and from all backgrounds who genuinely love what they do and give it their all every day. A manager who recognises the need to offer flexibility and understanding in a workplace, particularly for working parents. A colleague who has become a real, lifelong friend and another who is an incredible mentor who gave me my first writing opportunity and who I continue to learn from.

When I first started working at the Times, I knew it was special. It is an iconic Canberra institution and my daughters love to point out the Fyshwick building when we drive past. There is a sense of pride in telling people where I work. Everyone knows it and it is well-respected.

The very best journalists start here and interns line up for the opportunity to learn from the best. The amount of talent in this office is immeasurable.

The time has come for me to leave the Times and I have done so with great reluctance and sadness.

I love the writing in my role and the opportunity to provide my own experiences, especially to other parents. I also enjoy speaking to members of the Canberra community and assisting them with their queries, from the smaller-scale TV guide information through to helping someone find their nearest bushfire evacuation point.

I have been here through staff changes, print press closures and company takeovers. I have seen the amazing efforts during the 2019-20 bushfires and witnessed the extreme lengths the team went to to ensure Canberrans always had the most up-to-date information. I have watched an entire newsroom move seamlessly to remote working during COVID-19 and I would bet the average reader has not noticed even the slightest decrease in quality of work produced during that time.

To say I will miss the place and the people is an understatement and a part of me has a little hope that one day I will be back. Until then I am so grateful for the time I have spent here and for the amazing people I have met. I have learned so much and have made what I hope are some lifelong friends.

  • Christy Kidner is a trained newborn care specialist and mother of two. Visit Christy's blog at motheringme.com.au.
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