NSW RFS 'proud' of Nyngan High School's latest crop of cadet program graduates

High school students become latest crop of fire-fighting cadets

17 Nyngan High School students have become the latest and greatest of a proud tradition.

The students, who were congratulated on Thursday, have completed the NSW RFS Secondary School Cadet Program.

NSW RFS District Manager Paul Metcalfe said the students are the recipients of not only the service's acknowledgements, but also a lifetime's worth of valuable skills and experiences.

"These year 9, year 10 and year 11 cadets, from Nyngan High School have completed a ten week course that has given them skills which will last a lifetime," Mr Metcalfe said.


"As well as examining fire behaviour, the students have been taught essential fire safety techniques and gained an appreciation of the work our emergency services do every day in this state.

Three of the students who graduated from the program have already taken steps to volunteer as part of the fire-fighting service present in the North West Zone sector.

"The cadet program also offers students the opportunity to experience firsthand the commitment and camaraderie that comes with volunteering and transition to their local rural fire brigade should they wish and three Nyngan High students have taken up that opportunitym" Mr Metcalfe said.

"NSW RFS members thoroughly enjoy working closely with schools and communities to ensure that everyone is as well prepared as possible for the very real threat of fire; firefighters cannot do it alone."

"The Service is proud to pass on the ideals of community service, dedication and teamwork to the next generation."

Nyngan High School principal Benn Wright said the program would almost certainly return after the inaugural implementation this year.

"We are ecstatic with the NSW RFS opportunity for our students to gain skills through the High School Cadet program," Mr Wright said.

"We had 17 students, six of whom are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, complete the course and we have a lot of interest in running a program next year.

"I sincerely thank all staff at North West Zone for their work in supporting and running this program and our deepest thanks from the students and staff to our instructors from Nyngan HQ Brigade, Captain Cory McMillan and Deputy Captain Joe Ludick."

"They were brilliant with the students and made the whole program the success it was."

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