Nyngan Observer
The Nyngan Observer has been serving the Nyngan community for generations. With a community influence throughout, the Observer publishes hard-hitting stories on vital regional issues.

People look to the Nyngan Observer for social photos, school news and general happenings. Vital issues affecting the community are high on this publication’s agenda to keep readers informed, and to ensure involvement in decision-making.

Nyngan is better known as the town at the geographical centre of New South Wales, and came to prominence during the flood of 1990.

At the junction of two major highways, the Barrier Highway and the Mitchell Highway, Nyngan sees to the needs of many travellers.

Nyngan provides services to the pastoral community and also in the new industry of copper mining, just 50km away near Girilambone.

The ore is mined by open cut methods, is treated and leaves the area 99.99 per cent pure copper.

People flock to Nyngan in February for a Water Ski weekend on the Bogan River, and again for a race meeting held on Anzac Day.