Eternity Matters: Everything can change in an instant

Everything can change in an instant. 

Dami Im flew the Australian flag at Eurovision 2016.

Dami Im flew the Australian flag at Eurovision 2016.

Just ask Dami Im, who flew the Australian flag at Eurovision 2016. No doubt, there are those who wonder why Australia participated in this deliciously flamboyant competition. 

Our island continent is after all miles away from the EU. It is probably because there are many who currently reside Down Under who have roots or links to Europe. It is a small reminder that we are a multicultural country and this was probably best demonstrated by our entrant who wasn’t even born here.

In any case, there would have been many die hard followers of Eurovision who stayed up all night following proceedings. There were others, however, (like yours truly) who only watched the last half hour of the show. And was it a nail-biting finish. In the last segment of the competition, it seemed Dami had an unassailable lead. Alas it was not to be. With only about a minute left, Ukraine charged ahead by 23 points and it was all over. Better luck next year Australia (if we get invited back again that is).

Sometimes a split second can change the rest of one’s life. Or eternity even. Take for example the criminal on the cross (Luke 23:39-43). No one (specially at the height of this perp’s career) would have imagined he would one day walk with the Creator of the Universe in paradise. And yet, in an instant, his future was changed forever.

There are those today who make the mistake of thinking it takes a lifetime of good works to earn salvation. You know, things like attending church, giving to orphans in the Congo, or waking up at five in the morning for a daily dose of religious TV. 

What saves us is acknowledging that we need help, that we are powerless to help ourselves, and throwing ourselves at God’s mercy. 

A changed life does not necessarily mean one is a follower of Jesus but truly following Jesus will change a life forever.