What happened at the Council?

Over $4000 in financial assistance was awarded at the last Bogan Shire Council meeting. 

Six community groups applied for financial assistance from the Shire whether it was waiving of rates or waste depot levees or help with the water rates. 

The council examined the groups requests during the Finance and Corporate Services report in the August meeting.

The Hermidale Country Women’s Association requested assistance with the full amount of rates levied ($160) and the waste depot levy of $316. The group would pay the $665 rateable water charge for Hermidale.

The council moved to assist the Hermidale CWA to the value of $476.

The Nyngan Baptist Fellowship asked for assistance for the Waste Depot Levy and the Water Access Charges, including the $540 Sewer Access Charge. Finance Manager Stephanie Waterhouse pointed out as the property (formerly the Scout Hall) now operates as a church it is no longer rateable for general rates.

Council moved to assist the Fellowship with $1419.

The trustees Bobadah Hall have requested assistance for the Waste Depot Levy of the amount $316.

Council moved the assistance.

The Girl Guides Association asked council for financial assistance to pay for their rates and charges for 2017/2018.

In line with last year’s amount, this came to $1920. 

Council moved the assistance.

All the amounts were approved by the council as per Mrs Waterhouse’s recommendations. 

In the council meeting, councillors also reviewed the Public Interests Disclosure-Internal Reporting.

This policy requires council management to; encourage reports of wrongdoing, protect and support those who make them, provide training for key personnel, investigate allegations, properly manage any workplace issues that the allegations identify or create and correct any problem that is identified.

The policy identifies five main categories of serious wrong doing including; corrupt conduct, maladministration, serious and substantial waste of public money and Local Government Pecuniary Interest Contravention. 

“It’s an extensive policy on how to protect staff and maintain confidentiality when we can,” Mrs Waterhouse said.