My Health Record enables healthcare providers to support people

Older Australians are being urged to consider the benefits of having a My Health Record during NSW Seniors Festival.

My Health Record is an individual’s safe and secure digital health information, easily accessible by healthcare providers involved in their care. By the end of 2018 all Australians will have a My Health Record, unless requested not to. 

Australian Digital Health Agency chief executive Tim Kelsey said on Monday the expansion of My Health Record will deliver a system that provides universal functionality, clear and concise content and a safe and secure clinical health service for all Australians.

“My Health Record can reduce the risk of medical misadventures by providing treating clinicians with up-to-date information. The benefits of digital health for patients are significant, and can improve and help save lives,” he said.

Seeing the benefits of airplane aviation maintenance records for many years, Ian Gillies didn’t have to be sold on the idea when first told about My Health Record by his GP. “My Health Record gives you the facility to go in and immediately investigate what your maintenance record has been like as a human being,” he said.

After a medical emergency Mr Giles discharged from an interstate hospital, with no written information that his My Health Record “was available within a minute” of walking into his doctor’s office.

Dr Chris Moy said, “I was able check the My Health Record and there was a discharge summary with information about what he had, what he needed. It was information that I would not have otherwise had and which made all the difference to his care at that stage.”

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