Group 11: Neill thanks the ones that committed to the season and kept 'walking forward'

Ron O'Neill Award for most consistent forward and First Grade's Players Player James Fisk with captain-coach Jacob Neill.
Ron O'Neill Award for most consistent forward and First Grade's Players Player James Fisk with captain-coach Jacob Neill.

While the Nyngan Tigers first grade side didn’t feature in the finals this season, and with low numbers at training captain-coach Jacob Neill has thanked the players and trainers that did commit to the season at Friday night’s presentation evening. 

“Honestly [trainers] showed up and did it, and that was outstanding. I will forever be appreciative to the help they’ve given me,” Neill praised on Friday night.

“It’s not an easy thing to do especially when you rock up and you see a few guys who’ve chosen not to come to training … but they’re there still filling up water bottles, asking if you need anything, encouraging people and are there again on a Sunday,” he said. 

With only three wins to their name in the 2018 Group 11 season, Neill said it wasn’t just injury and player losses from last year that contributed to their disappointing season, however praised the 17 players who stood by and continued to “walk forward”. 

“We started off really well, there were plenty of guys at training and it was great to see the commitment,” Neill said.

“Unfortunately things don’t go your way some years, people get injured and there’s a flow on effect from that. 

“You start losing and you sort of take a step back ... plenty of people walk away, but it’s people that walk forward … they support you and back you and are about this football club 100 per cent and I thank you boys massively,” Neill said.

Neill commended the commitment of all players in the rugby league community who continue to support and fill in for teams short of numbers each week.

“You rock up to training and you see other boys aren’t there, but you’re there, you’re walking forward and you’ve got to play a couple of games of a weekend and that’s outstanding.”

“I’d like to thank you boys in particular.”

“Without you guys and girls ricking up on a Sunday filling the teams and wanting to be apart of this club it wouldn’t work, and I appreciate everyone that plays a role in this club.

“To be able to field four teams, it’s a massive effort in itself,” Neill said.

“Without everyone playing their part this club wouldn’t run and it was one of those years where we really needed you guys to play your part, and you stood up and that’s outstanding alone.”


  • Denise Ward trophy for best back – Josh Merritt
  • Coaches Award – Adi Spicer
  • Ron O’Neill Award for most consistent forward – James Fisk
  • Players Player – James Fisk
  • Most Improved – Jackson Hedges