History of Nyngan |

At the end of October, the Information Centre crew, Abigail, Katie and Steward, hosted an Á Night at the Museum’. 

This event gave locals the opportunity to see the museum display whilst enjoying the nibbles provide by Angie Armstrong and crew.

As you would expect, some of those attending have visited before, but some had not ventured into our local attraction.

It is often easy to overlook what is in your own back yard, so remember, when you have family or friends from away visiting, bring them along to the museum to while away some time.

This week, Anne Keating donated a very interesting piece.

This metal medicine or shaving cabinet has a lovely decoupage picture on the front of a small girl in a yellow bonnet holding a basket with two ducklings.

The sticker on the back reads ‘DELPET Pty. Ltd. MELBOURNE’.

Delpet is now a plastics company, but apparently on the 1940’s they made brooders for chicks as shown in this advertisement from the Melbourne Advocate 1947.

They also had a sideline in ice chests and were taken to court in 1944 for charging more than the fixed price of £5/10/- for 24 ice chests.

We are very grateful for the support of the community in providing their precious relics from the past and allowing them to be displayed out the Museum.

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Nyngan is located on the banks of the Bogan River in Outback New South Wales.

In 1990 the Bogan River flooded the township and much history was destroyed.

The Museum was established by a wonderful group of locals wanting to collect local family history, relics and items of historical significance.