Nyngan Blue Sky Ball 2018 a success, photos

While a blanket of dust turned the sky a deep red-brown, those attending the Blue Sky Ball ended the year dancing the night away in the rain. 

Despite a shaky start to the event, ladies and gentlemen from across the region gathered at the Blue Sky Ball not only to bring in the New Year, but to help break the stigma around mental ill health, raising money for Batyr. 

Blue Sky Ball co-chairperson Katie Moody said she was “thrilled” with the success of the event.

“While the event did get off to a rocky start we’re really glad we got to host the event to help start conversations about mental health,” Mrs Moody said. 

“It really was a fantastic night to help celebrate 2018 and bring in the New Year,” she said. 

The committee have thanked the major sponsors for making the event possible.

“We thank everyone who came along or supported us with the event,” Mrs Moody said. 

“A huge thank you to everyone who donated auction and raffle items.” 

“Thank you to Wendy and her team for the bar, to the boys who helped set up in the blistering heat, not many would jump on the roof in 40 degree heat.”

“And a big thank you especially to Rex Vane who not only drove people to the event, but made sure everyone made it home safe that night.”

Visit the Blue Sky Ball Facebook page to view more photos from the event.